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Medical Director - PRN

at U.S. Medical Management

Posted: 5/20/2019
Job Status: On Call
Job Reference #: 894711

Job Description

Medical Director - PRN

Department:Grace Hospice
Location:Milwaukee, WI
Company:Grace Hospice

Medical Director 

At Grace Hospice, our mission is for each employee to treat every patient as their own treasured loved one, providing care that affords a quality of life that outweighs quantity of days, and supports caregivers as their hearts find healing.    

Our program ensures that our patients will spend the final days of their journey in comfort and with dignity. If you are caring, compassionate, and have a true desire to help others, becoming a member of the Grace Hospice team may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Some of the benefits and advantages of working with Grace Hospice Include:      

  •  Grace Hospice is CHAP accredited and we are Members of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.   
  •  We invest in our employees’ career development and growth.    
    • Comprehensive orientation programs for new hires   
    • Leadership Academy meetings held off-site regularly for continuous development of our site leadership team members (Office Manager, CS, DCS, and Administrator).    
  •  Grace offers advancement opportunities.   
    • Grace Hospice has 27 locations across the U.S. and we are growing!  This growth creates additional advancement opportunities for strong performers.   
    • We provide an innovative healthcare environment offering a clinical ladder.    
  •  Grace is founded firmly on five pillars of excellence: People, Service, Quality, Finance, and Growth.   
  •  Our environment offers collaboration and provides tools and programs to enhance our team’s ability to provide excellent care.    
    • Our point-of-care system is state of the art:  HomeCare HomeBase.    
    • Employees have access to referring physicians and other professional resources on a daily basis.    
    • Inter-disciplinary Team conferences are held regularly to discuss and optimize patient care.    
    • Our ‘Meaningful Memories’ program is in development to provide exceptional patient experiences. 


The Medical Director is a hospice employee who is a doctor of medicine or osteopathy who assumes overall responsibility for the medical component of the Hospice Care Program.


  •  As required by 42 C.F.R. 418.102, the Medical Director has the responsibility for the medical component of the Hospice’s Patient care program at all Hospice locations, including but not limited to, the following:
  • Management of Terminal Illness - Physician, in conjunction with the Hospice Patient’s Attending Physician, if any, is responsible for the palliation and management of the terminal illness and conditions related to the terminal illness of the Hospice Patient. Such services shall either be provided directly by Physician or through coordinating the patient care with the Attending Physician.
  • Policies and Procedures - Physician, in conjunction with the Hospice administrator and/or his or her designee(s), agrees to participate in developing, executing, and periodically reviewing Hospice’s written policies, procedures, palliative care protocols, and the services provided to Hospice Patients. Physician shall maintain full responsibility for developing, executing and periodically reviewing such policies, procedures and protocols related to the medical component of the Hospice’s Patient care program.
  • Interdisciplinary Group - Physician agrees to oversee and maintain responsibility for all activities of the IDG, which may include meeting with the members of the IDG (including the hospice contracted physicians) to develop, periodically review and update a written plan of care for each Hospice Patient in accordance with applicable federal and state law and Hospice policy.
  • Licensed Professionals - Licensed professional services must be authorized, delivered, and supervised only by health care professionals who are licensed, certified or registered in accordance with Paragraph 2.1(a), and who practice under Hospice’s policies and procedures. Physician agrees to actively participate in the coordination of all aspects of the Hospice Patient’s care, in accordance with current professional standards and practice, including participating in ongoing interdisciplinary comprehensive assessments, developing and evaluating the plan of care, and contributing to patient and family counseling and education. Physician agrees to participate in Hospice’s quality assessment and performance improvement program and Hospice sponsored in-service training.
  • Authorization of Services - All Hospice Services provided by Physician must be furnished in a safe and effective manner, and delivered in accordance with the Hospice Patient’s Hospice Plan of Care.
  • Initial Certification of Terminal Illness. Physician will review the clinical information for each Hospice Patient and provide written certification, as appropriate and in accordance with state and federal guidelines, that it is anticipated that the Hospice Patient’s life expectancy is 6 months or less if the illness runs its normal course. Physician must consider the following when making this determination, and document his or her findings in the clinical record:
  • The primary terminal condition;
  • Related diagnosis(es), if any;
  • Current subjective and objective medical findings;
  • Current medication and treatment orders; and
  • Information about the medical management of any of the Hospice Patient’s conditions unrelated to the terminal illness.
  • Recertification of Terminal Illness - Before the recertification period for each Hospice Patient, as described in 42 CFR §418.21(a), Physician must review the Hospice Patient’s clinical information, and agrees to document, as appropriate and in accordance with state and federal guidelines, the Hospice Patient’s continued eligibility for Hospice Services.
  • Supervision - Physician is responsible for supervising all physician employees and those under contract with Hospice.
  • Unavailability of Attending Physician - Physician is responsible for meeting the medical needs of the Hospice Patient if the Hospice Patient’s Attending Physician is unavailable.
  • Availability During Surveys - Physician agrees to be reasonably available during licensure, certification and/or accreditation surveys, at the request of Hospice, for those matters associated with the provision of medical services under this Agreement.
  • In-service Training - Physician agrees to provide periodic in-service training for Hospice employees at the request of Hospice.
  • Committees - Physician agrees to participate in Hospice committees, at the request of Hospice, this includes, but not limited to, IDG coordinating committee.
  • Admissions - In consultation with the Hospice Patient’s Attending Physician, if any, Physician agrees to participate in the admission of the Hospice Patient, including admission to the Hospice, as well as admissions to inpatient settings, as applicable.
  • Discharges - In consultation with the Hospice Patient’s Attending Physician, if any, Physician agrees to participate in the discharge of the Hospice Patient.
  • Community Education - Physician agrees to participate with Hospice in developing strategies to build relationships with local healthcare providers, including physician education on Hospice Services.
  • Documentation - Physician agrees to complete all documentation, including timesheets or other documentation that may be required by Hospice to verify the services provided hereunder, and entries in the Hospice Patient’s clinical record, in accordance with accepted standards of practice, Hospice policies and procedures, and applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Call Coverage - Physician agrees to provide on-call coverage through direct telecommunication for consultation, assistance with medical emergencies, or patient referrals, and to ensure the availability of such coverage twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. In the event that the Medical Director is not available, the Alternate Medical Director will assume On Call coverage.
  • Attending Physician - At the request of Hospice, and subject to consent by the Hospice Patient or his or her legal representative, Physician agrees to become the Hospice Patient’s Attending Physician for those Hospice Patients admitted without an attending physician.
  • Consultations - Physician agrees to provide hospice consultations as requested by Hospice.
  • Other Services - Physician agrees to provide any other medical services which may be necessary to comply with state or federal regulations governing Hospice Services.


  • Is a Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy.
  • Legally authorized to practice medicine in the state of practice.
  • Has mental and physical health necessary to meet the demands of the position.